Infection Control

Medical Scope Management

With the potential for wide-spread disease and the risk of infection from medical scopes, it’s crucial for healthcare facilities to have the ability to track the storage, usage and cleaning lifecycles of these devices. Our Enterprise Location Services™ enable real-time tracking and security of medical equipment, staff and patients. The improved visibility provides a means for healthcare facilities to prevent the spread of infection, reduce equipment shrinkage and improve clinical workflow.

All hospitals face similar obstacles to operating effectively. One particular recurring problem is the managing and tracking thousands of mobile medical scopes and other devices. In addition to accomplishing this monumental task is the obligation to patients and staff to ensure medical equipment is kept hygienic, safe and operational. Unfortunately, strict cleaning and storage protocols regulating the management of scopes creates an obstructed device tracking and management network compromising efficiency, patient care and safety of all those involved.
CenTrak’s medical scope management system is the most accurate, RFID-based system today hospitals rely on to:
  • Avoid unnecessary reprocessing and damage to medical scopes
  • Track medical scopes in real-time throughout their usage, cleaning and storage cycle
  • Prevent the spread of bacterial infections due to bioburden
  • Increase staff satisfaction
  • Improve clinical workflow
  • Reducing shrinkage
  • Integrate with CMMS

  • CenTrak’s multi-mode technology offers an innovative combination of low frequency RFID, Wi-Fi locating, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and CenTrak’s Gen2IR™ to maximize ROI. Key functionalities of a hospital device tracking system involve tracking of contaminated scopes, instantly alerting staff if medical scopes miss a stage of the sterilization process and avoidance of non-essential reprocessing or damage to medical scopes.

    Infection Control

    Controlling the spread of disease and minimizing the number of healthcare-associated infections are primary concerns for any healthcare facility. There are elements in the environment of a healthcare facility that could actually facilitate the development and spread of infectious disease. Everything from the air in the building to the people who work there can be potential carriers of contamination.

    Due to the invasive nature of many modern medical procedures, the opportunity for unrelated infections to develop in hospitals and other healthcare facilities is high. The number of surgeries performed in recent decades has increased, opening patients up to infections at incision sites. There are also a number of diagnostic instruments and other medical devices used in the treatment of disease. It is more critical than ever for hospitals to ensure that infectious diseases do not spread.

    Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring

    CenTrak’s technology captures 100% of compliance and non-compliance events without any gaps, providing the best-in-class tracking system for infection control through hand hygiene compliance monitoring.
    Benefits of this highly-effective system include:
  • Reports that include missed hand hygiene opportunities as well as successful visits to hand hygiene stations
  • Battery powered Dispenser Monitors that are easy to install
  • Monitors that mount to any canister, dispenser, sink, or pump
  • Personal staff reminders that encourage compliance in real-time
  • Potential integration with CenTrak full RTLS or operational as a stand-alone system
  • Posting signs in key locations is helpful, but a proactive reminder that points out when a healthcare worker is missing an opportunity to wash hands is even more effective. Providing reminders for healthcare workers to wash their hands at all of the appropriate points in their day can help increase compliance.
  • What is Infection control in Healthcare?

    Infection control is a series of steps that healthcare facilities and hospitals take to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. It is estimated that approximately 1.7 million preventable illnesses are spread each year. To prevent further spreading of disease, steps that many facilities take include:
  • Ensure hand hygiene compliance
  • Track staff contact with assets and patients
  • Ensure appropriate environmental conditions for medication, vaccines, and biological material
  • Contact Tracing

    The healthcare facilities that depend on CenTrak’s system find a variety of benefits. Knowing where a particular patient is within the facility, whom he has come in contact with and which medical scopes and other equipment have been used on him, can help reduce the spread of infectious disease. Keeping track of all of a patient’s movements and contacts can create a database of very valuable information.
    Asset Management with CenTrak Mobile medical equipment is tracked using asset tags with CenTrak’s RTLS. An accurate record of which instrument contacted which patient is helpful in tracking potential contamination in case an infection is discovered. Asset management also includes recording the steps of the disinfection process and storing data on which piece of equipment is clean and which is contaminated. This information, when stored electronically and made easy to retrieve, is essential to positive outcomes in a variety of procedures.
    Medical Scope Management Tracking the cleaning lifecycles, usage and storage of medical scopes is critical to containing the potential risk of infection. CenTrak Enterprise Location Services™ make it possible to track medical equipment use with ease. This effective tracking mechanism helps health care facilities maintain the safety of their staff and patients while improving clinical workflow and guarding against equipment loss.
    Environmental Monitoring Hospitals include several different environmental zones that need to be monitored and managed. Maintaining proper environmental conditions with a compliance monitoring system protects assets and reduces costly exposures. The CenTrak’s wireless platform has innovative features make it easy to control environmental conditions everywhere in the hospital.
    Surgical Sterile Processing There are a lot of potential infection risks in the operating room. All of the instruments on the surgical tray need to go through a thorough a rigorous sterilization process. An electronic monitoring system, like CenTrak’s RTLS, tracks the surgical tray through the sterilization process helping to eliminate a number of potential infection risks. Safety can be increased with an automated system to alert staff if a step of the sterilization process is missed.

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